Wash your comforter the right way

Isn’t washing our comforter the most avoided task during laundry? Especially when it’s the cold season. No matter how you avoid it though, the sheets comfort us and are mostly used during our relaxing time. It literally picks up sweat and other dirt particles every usage. Some are using a duvet cover to protect their comforter, but they would still wash the cover regularly. In any way, they should still not completely ignore their comforter. 

Best to clean our comforter once a month or at least before we store it when the summer is up. We are sometimes afraid of cleaning our comforters because they are afraid of ruining them. However, failing to clean them will inevitably cause damage.

Top Tips to Clean Your Comforter the Right way

Always check the labels.

When you clean your comforter, make sure you check the tag for the washing instructions. It should be easy when you know how to read the labels. Be informed properly by checking it on one of our blogs. Some duvets have their own specific room temperature settings that you need to follow when using a dryer or washer. 

Special load with only the comforter. 

You will overload the machine if you wash the comforter along with the other garments. Giving the duvet or comforter enough space in your washer is beneficial not just for the machine but also for the fabric itself as it will be thoroughly cleaned well.

If you are having trouble fitting the comforter/duvet into the washer, you should then stop because it will not circulate well. Instead, take your comforter/duvet to a laundromat where there is a variety of machine sizes. 

Gentle settings.

Though comforters/duvet are big size fabrics, you should still be gentle on them throughout the whole process. The water level should be at the maximum and the temperature should be matched with the label’s instructions. If you wish to protect the color and its brightness, best to use cold water. But it cannot eliminate the dust mites. It is important to eliminate such, so you might want to consider setting the wash in high temperatures. Note that too high temperature could shrink the fabric, dull its color, or damage it in other ways. Keep using the tag’s instructions for the maximum temperature your comforter/duvet can handle.

Proper Drying time.

Just like any other fabrics. It is best to use dryer balls or sheets while drying your comforter. Pay close attention to the time recommended and other dryer settings (still can be found in the tag). Tags most likely to ask for a low temperature. To properly prevent it from forming molds, you should be washing your comforter/duvet in the most correct manner.

Every 20 mins, it is best to fluff the fabric for the filling to settle evenly, until it is completely dry. Once it is dry, still hang it on the clothesline for some more time. You’ll see wonders how the sun imparts a fresh smell to your comforter’s/duvet’s fabric. It also ensures complete dryness onto your newly washed item.


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