WASH TOWELS and the How’s

Towels are the ones that keep us dry and clean, enhancing the aesthetics for our bathroom and gives us the feeling of softness and comfort to every use. And since towels are one of the most used products, whether at home or outside (such as when in the gym), it became readily available to almost every household store at certain reasonable prices. 

There are different types of towels: Bath, Hand and Face towels. 

Now the question is, how often do you need to wash your towels? It is ideal to wash them once a week or after every 3-5 uses. Why? Because every time you use it to dry your body, you are basically brushing off the dead skin cells which are being collected in the towel fibers. It then breeds germs, especially because of the moisture.

Washing towels should be at what temperature? 

Like 60 degrees. Be mindful when washing different colored towels, check each label. You would  just need to separate the white ones from other colors to prevent any discolouration. 

Remove towels from the machine as soon as the cycle has finished. Better to tumble dry them on a high heat for that extra softness effect. But if you don’t have tumble dryer, then hanging them outside to dry in the sun is also a best option.  

People asked if it is ok to wash dish towels with bath towels? 

The answer is YES, as long as you wash them at a higher temperature 60 degrees or above in order to kill germs. 

What is the best way to wash dish towels?

Always try to wash the dish cloths and kitchen towels on a hot regular duty cycle. Heavy cycle is good too. Why in hot water? Because you have used them to wipe up milk or wash dirty dishes. They would need to be washed on hot water to effectively activate the detergent you are using.

How often should you wash kitchen towels?

To prevent the spread of germs, you should change your kitchen towels at least once a week. However, it is preferable to wash them every few days. Also, if possible, you use your towels one time then throw them into the wash immediately and get a new one.

How do you get your dish towels white again?

The best to whiten towels is to use white vinegar or non-chlorine bleaches made with hydrogen peroxide. 

How about the beach towels?

It is best to wash your beach towel in a hot wash, between 40 to 60 degrees, with cold rinse. This would help kill any bacteria it picked.

How often should you be washing the beach towels?

It’s been taught to wash beach towels about every third use to keep the bacteria-free. However, if the towel itself appears or smells dirty, wash as needed then.

We hoped you enjoyed every bit of this information on how to take care of your bath towels.

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