Things You didn’t know you could put in the washing machine

Your washing machine can do more than you thought. It is more than just to wash clothes. There are many household items that you can throw in the washer instead of cleaning them by hand.

Be sure to list them in your notes and see how awesome your washing machine is!

There is no need to hand wash! Read on!

Mop Heads

It’s been noted that the best way to clean a mop head is to soak it in one gallon of hot water with either one cup of white vinegar or half cup of bleach. Let it soak for about 10 minutes, then wring it out after and let it dry. Just be sure that you never leave the mop head soaked for more than 24 hrs to prevent any bacteria regrowth.

However, with washing machines’ help, you can clean the mop heads after every usage, easily! You just need to set the washer to small load or hot or sanitize. You put the mop head in a mesh lingerie bag and throw it in with your normal laundry detergent. It will be done in minutes and your hands are kept clean!

Bath Sponges

Sponges and loofah sponges are able to harbor dangerous bacteria. You cannot just grab a new one every after 5 uses, so what can you do? You clean them, effectively.

Just like mop heads, you can clean them in your washing machines too. Effectively getting rid of soap scum and old skin flakes. You would only need to throw them in the washing machine and set the cycle to normal with your regular detergent.

Kitchen Sponges

According to some, you can get your kitchen sponges cleaned naturally by soaking it in full strength vinegar for 5 minutes. No need to dilute the substance. Then, ring out the vinegar and thoroughly rinse the clean kitchen sponge with warm water and let it dry.

However, you can also set the washing machine to sanitize (or use the hot water setting) and run a quick wash.

Stuffed Animals

One of the recommended ways to clean stuffed toys is by using a disinfectant spray. But does that erase the stain? Or is it just making it smell clean while killing the active bacteria?

One of the best ways of course to remove the stain or any unnecessary color from them is by placing them in a mesh laundry bag, zipped them up in a pillow case for added protection. Set the washing machine to delicate, hand wash or gentle cycle along with cold water to help keep colors from fading. Then take them out to dry. Easy as that!

Small Toys

Most people use wipes to regularly clean them. Some also use the sink and brush them with liquid detergents. Though you might think that washing the plastic small toys in a washing machine is impossible, it is not! You just need to put them in a mesh bag and set your washer to sanitize. In just minutes, your toys are shiner and germ free!


You thought that vacuum is enough even after decades of regularly doing it. However, you need to wash them! Or throw them out and buy a new one.

The best option however, is not by throwing them away. Clean them! You just need to be careful about your washer settings. Use the warm water and the gentle cycle.

Never use the hot or cold water as they both make them shrink.

Washing them would somehow affect how they  grip on the floor, so you should at least apply velcro for slippery foundation.

Car Floor mats

Just like the rugs and mats, you can also wash car floor mats in the washing machine. Just make sure you vacuum them well or just simply dust them off outside. You also need to pretreat any stains and then wash on a gentle cycle with warm water.


Whether it is a chair or bed pillows, vacuum or disinfectant spray will never be enough. Either you need to replace them or wash them. Of course, the latter is the best. 

To sanitize them, throw one pillow in the washer and use your regular detergent. You use the sanitize mode, or you can set the water temperature to hot and then switch to the small load setting.

Just make sure not to put all your pillows or your washer might be overwhelmed.

Hope you have enjoyed reading!

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