With the Covid-19 spreading, it is important to be indoor. Just think this is the best way to be having more fun time with your family. Think of it like a rainy day keeping your family cooped-up inside and doing fun activities together.

Don’t ever panic and try to be more productive as you can be with your family.

Fun times with family will never disappoint you.

Here are the tested-proven-and-effective ways to spend fun time together with your family!


So watching movie is kind of common, but the word “MARATHON” is what makes it more exciting! This is where you know you are going to watch movies for hours (or even the whole day) munching popcorns and drinking a cup of hot chocolate.

If you have different taste of movie genre, then it is better if you allow each other choose what movie to watch – one after another.

Then with these, you will get to know one type of each other’s behavior (behaviors that are somehow influenced by movies you love to watch). Like if someone loves kdrama, then you might see more sweet personality behavior from that person.

This family time – movie marathon watching is indeed a quality time together.


So what’s better than eating your favorite dish? I would say, nothing is better! Especially when you cook it with your kids or partner. Say you love to bake pastries, then bake one! There are specific things kids can learn from cooking with their mom and dad – these are called the “Soft Skills”.

Things like:

  • Patiently following a recipe
  • Specific ways of measuring
  • Food preparation
  • Basic Techniques in cooking
  • Cleaning up the mess after

With these soft skills, kids can learn that mommy’s job is not easy and they will learn to appreciate the importance of meals.


I know, I know…Kids hate reading, even adults hate it too. But what’s more interesting is that reading is a part of self-improvement and there is no denial that through reading we learn lots of things.

We should obligate ourselves on this type of quality time together. Why it’s an obligation? Because this stimulates other skills – drawing & communication for example. And your kid needs your attention and help. They needed to be advised that reading books is one way to level up themselves.

If you are thinking you don’t have books and you can’t go outside to buy, baby you don’t have any excuses anymore. Ha Ha. There are lots of quality books online. See:

Reading with your children help them get to know the right sound of letters and words. They learn the value of quality reading and stories. This will help them stimulate creativeness and curiosity.

PLAY: Hide and Seek!

Before or After quality reading, you both deserves fun time! Playing this type of game is always a trend for family. As long as you stay in the premises, you should be safe.

Be safe, so here are the ways to note when playing hide and seek:

  • No to hiding in the Fridge or boxes with lock.
  • No hiding outside the house.
  • No running.

There you go, those are the 3 basic rules for playing safe for today’s case.

Also, there are ways to learn while playing this game, like for example, every time you find them – they’ll recite the alphabet or count numbers up to 100. They can also count the timer with alphabet letters than numbers.
There are plenty of ways to learn during hide and seek time!

Remember, kids are easy to find. So please take it easy on them when they’re the one to find you. Lol.


Picnic is about eating together and having to talk about everything under the sun. BUT, since we need to be inside our house, let’s throw an indoor picnic. You didn’t know it’s comfier and fun inside!

Things you need:

  • Don’t forget the picnic basket
  • Sweets – Cup Cakes or other pastries
  • Salad in a Jar
  • Wine or an unlimited Iced – Tea
  • Baked chicken with Potatoes fries
  • Napkins or Tissues
  • Blanket! Of course
  • Good Lighting.
  • Selfie stick!

During this quality time, you are able to spend the hours talking about things – this and that. Keep Smiling to stay the happy mood.


It’s definitely more fun than ‘hide-and-seek’!  And it is where you could get more creative. Here’s what you can do. Type up a list of things that needs to be found and give them time limit on each items. Make it easy for kids and be more creative! Maybe you can start by giving them the challenge to find letters and make them recite the letters they found.

Small prize for the winners sums up the game!

There you go, hope you have a great day always!

Stay indoor and let’s stay clean!

When it is time for LAUNDRY, let professional services do the thing! Your clothes and things must be cleaned properly and disinfected.

We, CLEANBLINK, knows what to do. What’s greater is that we do house delivery.

No more chance to go outdoor. Stay safe and disinfected!