Let’s disinfect everything!

With the spreading Novel Coronavirus (nCoV), officially named as 2019-nCoV, we can’t be sure of what’s to happen. Proper home sanitation is not enough, we should take responsibility of fully disinfecting everything.

2019-nCoV has now became a person-to-person transmission and the virus has been spreading globally. The health officials recommending that we avoid traveling or become expose to crowded places for zero chances of infection.

This virus has emerged due to lack of effective disinfection in food processing and lack of home and personal hygiene. We must not let our home and loved ones suffer from worst consequences by our poor sanitation habits.

2019-nCoV hasn’t reached our place yet, but just to be sure and fully avoiding the infection (& from other viruses too), here are the tips on keeping everything disinfected!

Go for a cleaner-disinfectant. This benefits your budget since you can use it to remove viruses or germs from kitchen countertops to bathroom surfaces. Speed-cleaning as what most of us needs. Exposure of store-bought disinfectants is dangerous, try not to breathe in the chemicals. Also remember to wipe down areas afterward with water or let cleaned areas, such as countertops, fully dry before you prepare food on them.

Here are specific tips to clean your household germs and viruses.

Kitchen and Bathroom area:

  • Handles and Boards. Clean and disinfect countertops, sink faucet and handles, refrigerator handles, cutting boards and the knives! They are most likely exposed to the germs and viruses.
  • The dishcloths and towels. They must be replaced daily. Be sure you put them in a separate laundry basket and for total clean – send them along with your other laundries to the professional dry laundry experts. They know how to classify and follow your ultimate preferences. (Here)
  • The Bathroom. Clean all surfaces in the bathroom first with soapy water and rinse thoroughly. If ever you don’t have disinfectant from store, you can combine 1-quart water with 1 teaspoon of bleach into the spray bottle and then use them to clean the faucet, doorknobs, and spray the surfaces (tiles). Let them dry.
  • Toilet. Flush the toilet and add 1 cup liquid bleach to the bowl when the water level is at the lowest. Scrub the toilet bowl with a toilet brush. Soak the bowl with the bleach for 10 minutes before flushing again.

Bed Room area:

  • Stuffed toys. We thought they are germs-free because they sit still 24/7, but we need to toss them in the laundry basket on a bi-weekly basis. If it is not washable, spray them with disinfectant and keep it away from everyone for a few days to let viruses on its surface die.
  • Bed. The sheets, blankets, towels must be washed at high temperature with a color-safe bleach detergent. When you do it all by yourself, then wash your hands after handling them, but it’s best if you let professional dry cleaning services do their thing for you. Visit here.
  • Closet. Just like the stuffed animals/toys they are sitting still in the corner, multiplying the germs and viruses and waiting for someone to open them and hang clothes on them. From the hangers to the rods, they must be disinfected by thoroughly spraying the disinfectant solution on them, BUT keep in mind to keep the clothes away so they will not be discolored. Be sure to let them dry before hanging the clothes again.
  • Floor. Vacuum is not enough. For the tiles, cement or wood floor – go for the disinfecting spray and wipe with a cloth. The mat floor must be disinfected with the help of a professional dry laundry cleaner.
  • Computers. Check the maker’s instructions before cleaning. You may be able to wipe keyboards or screens with an alcohol wipe or a paper towel sprayed with disinfectant.

Living Room area:

  • Same with how you clean the floor in your bedroom. Use a disinfectant spray and wipe with a cloth. That’s after you do your vacuum. Then use wax to keep the floor shiny and easier removal of dirt next time around.
  • The chairs or couches. Whether woods or not, spray disinfectant on it. Let them dry and untouched for a couple of minutes.

What do bring outdoor?

It’s better to be indoor these days, but if you got no choice then you must bring these things with you.

  • Isopropyl alcohol 70% solution. Why not ethyl? Because isopropyl can fight viruses more than ethyl. And we are now in the day where viruses are rampant and getting stronger.
  • Wipes. An anti-bacterial wipes is the best. You can use them for your car steering wheel, the door handles and the likes.
  • Mask. Be sure to use the 3-layer disposable mask and always note that the “Blue side is outside and the White side touches your skin”. This is the proper way to wear this type of mask. It is not recommendable to use cloth mask because it is not as effective as the surgical mask. But with n-CoV, the surgical masks are scarce, so use the cloth mask than nothing.
  • Band-Aids. When you have open wound, whether it is ballpoint size, make sure you apply disinfectant on it and put a Band-Aid. Don’t go outside without covering your open wound.

And that’s it! Be sure to keep updated by listing yourself in our Newsletter update.

Stay safe everyone and keep your surroundings clean! Keep smiling!