How to properly use Oxygen Bleach

We are always too hesitant to use chlorine bleach to clean or remove stains from our clothes. However, misuse of this effective stain and whitening bleach could certainly lead to a problem. If you use the wrong amount or put it in the washer at the wrong time – could lead to bleach spots. You should also be using it on the right fabric.

There is certainly no help in removing stains from dyed clothing. However, there is now an oxygen bleach that is easier to use and is somehow safer to fabrics.

Why is oxygen bleach special?

This is a chlorine-free bleaching solution that can effectively be used on clothing or around the house. It kills bacteria while brightening & whitens fabrics just like the traditional bleach does (just without the hazardous toxicity). This type of bleaching agent cleans without damaging the fabric and is a natural,non-toxic product. 

It is widely known as the all-fabric bleach.

There is powder and liquid bleach. Although both are readily available at the store, the compounds in powdered oxygen bleach are more stable than in their liquid counterparts. The powder lasts longer and cleans more effectively than liquid oxygen bleach. 

Also with  a longer shelf life of several years, while the liquid ones have a lifespan of six months before essentially deteriorating into water.

When is the right time to use it?

As we know, chlorine bleach should be added about 5 minutes into the wash cycle. However, oxygen bleach should be added at the same time as the detergent: that is before you add any clothes. 

There is a scoop or measuring device included with the purchase, so you might want to follow the manufacturer;s instructions when determining how much oxygen bleach to add.

Powder should be dissolved properly.

It is important to make sure that the powder dissolves completely in the washer – especially when you are using all-fabric bleach in powder form. Note that when you are doing it with a cold wash, it may not dissolve completely.

What you would need to do is you simply mix it first in a small container of hot or warm water. Then, pour the solution into the washing machine.

Properly soaking the stained clothes before washing.

Since oxygen bleach is gently removing the stains, unlike the chlorine bleach, it needs more time to work its effectiveness. You would need to soak garments in a separate container for an hour at least (don’t soak them in the washing machine). 

Best to soak it overnight, max of 8 hours. Like what we do in chlorine bleach, it is also important to place the container in a well-ventilated area.

Should be used on the right type of clothes.

Although it is widely known as ‘all-fabric’ bleach. It should not be used on all fabrics. It may be gentler than chlorine bleach, it still carries strong chemical compounds when compared to simple detergents. Avoid using it on delicate clothing items and delicate fabrics such as silk and wool. You should also avoid it on clothing with leather sections.

Do a spot test.

To be safer, you might consider a spot test too. Oxygen beach will likely not turn dyed clothes white, but there is also a possibility to lighten its colors if the fabric itself is in poor quality. Make sure that you properly diluted the solution and then put on a small area to see how the fabric & dye react.


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