We all want to look clean and neat. A beautiful pair of white dress and white shoes that hopefully remains white the way you bought it.The most saddening part indeed is the yellowing of white clothes.

Many of us dislike doing laundry, especially when it is about maintaining white clothes to its 100% quality. However, we see annoying things in regular washing that unsightly give effects to our white ones. In fact, try to notice your brand new white shirt with your older one and it will probably be a lot brighter.

However, with a couple clever laundry tips, you should be fine!

Let’s start!

Wash every one or two wears!

It is not news that we need to immediately wash our laundry right after we use it, but there are people who are fond of using it several times before dropping them in the hamper. However, when it comes to your white clothes that is certainly not recommended. Even if you can’t see nor smell the dirt, the body oils and sweat build up and would turn the fabrics yellow or gray.

You just have to wash those items of clothing more frequently.

Proper sorting of white & colored laundries

By not separating them, you are purposely making the white clothes turn red or blue. It is the major cause of white shirts going gray and dull. But most people don’t have enough white clothes to run an all-white load. Some people mix them with other garments. Other garments however bleed fast because of the kind of material they are made of. Just wash your white clothes separately from everything else, even if you have to hand wash them yourself. 

Hottest water to use

While you have the white clothes ready to be washed, you would want to double check the care symbol labels and figure out the hottest water temperature the fabric can take. It’s been tested that 120 degrees is the best to effectively remove soil. But when it comes to your specific fabrics, you need to keep them into account. It is because not every material will tolerate the hottest setting on your washing machine. Just like for example, delicate linen probably needs a lower wash temperature.

Don’t overload your washing machine

When you overload the washing machine, there is a tendency to keep your white shirts from looking their brightest. It may be hard to resist your huge urge to throw a few items, especially when there is more space at the top of the machine. You better try to control yourself more.

To get clean, clothes need to be circulated properly. If you fill the washing machine more than it can take, then the detergent doesn’t have enough room to interact with the soil on your clothes or to give you the best cleaning performance.

Use a detergent with a bleach alternative 

There are a couple of people who prefer not using traditional bleach on their clothes. However, it’s been recommended by experts to choose a detergent with a bleach alternative or enzymes to keep your white shirts bright. To make sure the enzymes or bleach alternatives are effective, you should use the maximum amount recommended for the size of the load. You need to use enough detergent to make a difference.

Always measure your detergent more precisely 

By measuring your detergent precisely, you are effectively helping your fabrics from getting gray or looking dull. Don’t overuse or underuse detergents. Some people wouldn’t think that adding an extra detergent would make white shirts look dull, but it can. The bottom line is, just follow the instructions on your bottle.

Better add a laundry booster

The residue traps soil and leaves clothes looking dingy. However, there is the laundry booster that will increase the cleaning power of a detergent by adding a booster such as borax, oxygen bleach or washing soda to help maintain whiteness. If you think that your clothes are looking dingy, a laundry booster can help make them look cleaner and whiter. 

Skip the fabric softener

Some think that adding fabric softener to your laundry is good for your clothes, that is true if you want them to feel as soft as everything else in your wardrobe. However, that is not the case when you do your white shirts. You should skip the fabric softener if you are trying to keep your whites bright. Why? Because fabric softener adds residue to your garments and that residue can actually attract extra soil to the fibers. As a result, it will become more yellowing or dullness, which is exactly you don’t want for your white ones. 

Pre-soak those that are heavily soiled ones.

By pre-soaking your items you are getting as much of the stain as possible. If you are to wear a white tea ready for a sweaty workout or messy garden work, it would be better to pre-soak them after using before they go in the washing machine. You cover them in an enzyme detergent or oxygen bleach, then launder them separately from your other items. It is pretty bothersome, but it does good job of preventing stains or dullness.

Pre-treat areas with stains

It is always an ideal step to pretreat clothes that have stains. For the perspiration and other greasy stains are perfect to be treated with dishwashing liquid or a colorless shampoo using a clean toothbrush. For fixing food stains or underarm yellowing, you should be applying an undiluted liquid oxygen bleach to the fabric immediately before you put the item in the washing machine.

 It may be hard to specifically cover those stains areas, but it is the best pretreatment so far.

Always check the items after they come out of the washing machine

Most people just automatically move everything from the washing machine to the dryer, but it is recommended that you check them before taking them out of the washing machine. One thing that must be avoided is to hang the garment on high heat if it still has a stain. It can actually cause permanent damage to your clothes. Your best solution is to re-treat the area and wash it again before you put it in the dryer/


There are many more possible ways to treat dull, grayish and yellowish clothes, and we do hope those tips above have helped you!


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