How to make your house smell like Spring?

Spring is the time of rebirth, renewal and awakening. Why? Because tress blossom and early flowers are growing through the earth. During spring we can smell the fresh & newly cut “green” grass garden. Most of us look forward to those scents during Spring. However, being in a city with pollution, we cannot expect the air to be totally as fresh as old times. So here we have tips for you to keep that spring vibes around your house!

Top Tips for you!

(How to make your house smell like spring?)

Cut and dried flowers

  • No one can deny the fresh flower scents, and having them in your house makes the ambiance fresher and young.
  • Don’t forget that Dried Flowers are also full of color and loving scents. These can be posted straight to your door!

Candles and oils

  • Scented candles are best for bathroom.
  • Use Essential Oils into your diffuser water for your living room.

Open your Windows

  • If it’s already spring, the easiest way to capture the fresh green scents is to simply leave your windows opened. This is definitely the best when you have a backyard with lots of trees and flowers.
  • If you are in an urban area, you should stick to the first two tips above.

D.I.Y. Spray Bottles

  • Place some herbs and dried flowers in a spray bottle, those with a strong smell (lavender, gardenia, etc.) Spray it in rooms to create a nice spring scent!
  • Or squeeze the juice out of a citrus fruit such as orange or lemon into some water. Then transfer it to spray bottle and spritz the air in a room creating a pleasant citrus scent.

Simmer Fruits and Vegetables

  • Simmer the pot with strong smell fruits like citrus and vegetables like cucumber. Leave the pot on the stove (min. heat) to create a smell, as long as you check the water once in a while and replace it as necessary. Turn it off when you go outside to be safe.

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