How long does coronavirus live on clothes?

Do you immediately throw your clothes into the laundry basket after your weekly supermarket shopping? Some also have been spraying themselves with isopropyl alcohol just to avoid this type of discomfort, not knowing how dangerous that chemical is. Admit it or not, it is a pain to see your laundry pile up faster prior to the pandemic.

Nowadays, people feel calmer when they remove clothing worn in public immediately after getting back home. It’s been infused in our minds already to stay sanitized, keep everything clean and especially not touching our faces.

However, experts believe that it is unlikely for the covid viral particles to land on clothing since people practice social distancing, especially while wearing face masks and shields. But indirect contact is still high-risk for getting the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). High-touch surfaces that have been exposed to the virus carry a greater chance of harboring it. If you are keen enough to observe which are those surfaces or things that are more prone to the virus, then you should be able to steer clear of them very well.

So how long does Novel Coronavirus live on clothes?

Clothing is what typically keeps most of our body parts away from cold weather or from too much sunlight exposure and from everything else. It’s been our shield from bacteria and viruses as well. Thus, it has been one of our best comforters when it comes to foreign particles.

Though COVID-19 doesn’t survive for long on clothing when compared to hard surfaces, there is still a study published successfully informing people that this very virus is still detectable on fabric for up to two days. Two days is a long time already.  Additionally, it has not been confirmed yet if ever they linger on wet clothes

Thus, it is probably best to take enough proper precautions if you think you and your clothing have been exposed to the virus. What can you do to kill the virus lingering on your clothes?

Of course, clothes are not just made out of fabrics alone, they could also have some zippers, buttons and other clothing hardware. Take note – that some viruses can remain active after two or three days on plastic and stainless steel, and for 24 hours on cardboard and four hours on copper – this was confirmed by NIAID’s research.

Washing clothes in a machine with detergent will kill the virus. Of course, the same goes to handwashing. But isn’t it more ideal to let the machine do the thing? This makes you certain to avoid the virus.

When does contamination occur?

If you are at home and isolated, then you don’t have any reason to be afraid. But what if your things (such as milk bottles, newspapers and others that just came via deliveries)?Well, that is another case to consider, spraying on them is your simple solution.

Getting back on clothing contamination, it could possibly occur if you are with someone who coughs, sneezes or panting close enough to your clothes. Of course, you cannot discern easily who is contaminated or just having some allergies. It is best you allow yourself to calm down while taking enough precaution of how to avoid such a situation. 

Do you really need to personally take care of your (possibly contaminated) clothes? When is the best time to do the laundry? What are the options you have?

We wear clothes everyday and at the end of the day the pile of dirty clothes just keep on piling up. Laundry services do not just keep you away from directly killing the virus, but it is your ultimate solution to save money. With this service, it saves your time to do other things as well. You’ll also no longer have to spend on the cleaning products. Think of the washing machines and their maintenance from the start!

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