Genuinely Washing your Laundry

We all have our own favorite clothes. There are also clothes that already have sentimental value to us. We have been doing our best to at least protect them. Like after wearing  them, we almost immediately wash them. However, there are times that because it’s  our favorite item to wear – washing them regularly will wear out its fabric.

There are many mistakes that people make when washing their clothes. However, because it is overlooked most of the time, the clothes’ quality is also almost at risk.

Those favorite clothes we love can be protected. Let us avoid these common laundry mistakes: 

Clothing Tags / Tag Labels

When you thought that the basic style taught by our moms like “not washing clothes with darks and not washing it in hot water” is enough. Well, it is not.

Certain types of clothing fabrics can handle different ways of washing too. If ever you see a circle on the tag, that means you should dry clean your clothes. There are also tumble dry and bleach signs and many more basics. If you wish to know more just visit our blog about this. 

Proper Sorting and Treatment

Indeed, mom’s basic advice works best. Dark clothing should not be washed with light clothes. They also remind us that large and fuzzy blankets should also be kept separated with clothing because it will leave fuzz behind on clothing and that would be really tough/hard to remove.

Separate clothes into four piles when preparing to wash them: Whites, Lights, Darks, and Delicates.

Double Checking the Pockets

You should know how important this matter is. It seems a simple task but most people tend to forget this part and thus, affect all the other clothes with just gum or tissue.

Temperature Check

When you check the tag labels, it is also noted in there the right temperature for every fabric. Like the denim and fabrics that tend to shrink will be cleaned well in cold water. Cold water prevents clothes from shrinking. While warm water works well with clothings that is light and white, because it helps lift the stairs and soils out of the fabric. 

Choose the right Detergent 

While being busy sorting the clothes based on the temperature they need to be washed with – you also need to choose the right detergent for your clothes. There are many options of course. There’s this powder, liquid, HE, organic, chlorine, color safe, etc.

Each of them has its own magnificent effect on our clothing. Color-safe bleach detergent works effectively on lifting the stains out of all clothes while protecting the color of each item. Beware with the other bleach, chlorine – it brightens any white clothes, but not the case for colored ones.

Avoid overfilling the washing machine

If you thought that washing large loads would be beneficial as it would save you time and energy. You are wrong. Watch the fill line on the washing machine. Remember that it is not just beneficial for your clothes, but also your time &  – since you don’t have to rewash it again due to the odor caused by overloading the machine.

Mind your washing cycle

There are right washing cycles for every type of fabric. You should be able to sort them properly. If you wish to know more about the perfect washing cycle for your sorted loads, read it on our blog section.

Thank you guys for reading!

We do hope that you’ll enjoy your laundry activities with these tips!

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