Fabric softeners help coat and soften fibers in our fabrics when added to our laundry load. They are in the form of liquid, powder or dryer sheets. They all contain lubricating ingredients that help with the process. They coat your fabrics to make the individual fibers feel slipperier, silky and more upright. 

Fabric softeners literally make your fabric softer and fluffier, with the power of reducing the static cling per strand. 

However, there are issues regarding its worrisome preservative ingredients in it, specifically the methylisothiazolinone – known as a potent skin allergen, and glutaral, known to trigger asthma and skin allergies. 

So the question is: What does Fabric Softener really do, and do you really need to use it?

Let us first dig into the benefits in using this laundry essential.


Because of its waxy effects, they effectively reduce inter-fiber friction which results in smoother clothes.


Not just waxxy but softer too! It achieves a soft feeling on clothes. Think about how your hair conditioner works, this is the same as it acts as a conditioner to your clothes.


Who doesn’t want less time in laundry? When you use fabric softener, it essentially rejects water and less water is absorbed into the fabric. But don’t be concerned that this doesn’t allow for your clothes and other fabrics to be thoroughly cleaned. Remember that fabric softener is only added to the rinsing cycle.


It not only reduces wrinkles, but it also makes ironing a breeze. That’s because it lubricates fabrics.


As the fabric softener and brightener also contains two antimicrobial agents, it helps to promote hygiene in your laundry. 


Well, we can start with the fact that not all fabrics call for softener. It is a good idea to add fabric softener to your load, since there are few materials you’d want to steer clear of. 

However, cases like fabric that is found in workout clothes are moisture-wicking, as it moves sweat quickly to the outer layer to help it dry faster and keep any sweat from saturating. If you are to further analyze, softening agents can clog fabric’s pores and thus make the clothes’ abilities gone. 

Fabric softener (as what we’ve always said) creates a waxy film and is designed to soften our laundry. As much as you want to use them on all of your clothes, make sure you don’t use them to blankets, jackets, and coats. 

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