Odor is one thing that we cannot avoid on our clothes. Not just body odor but there are a lot of sources as well. Count in the smoke from the street, that perfume you tried but hated, and more other foul smell from any other sources. However, mold and mildew from your washer is also one of the causes as it grows in it after several uses.

Are there efficient ways to remove odor and keep them like new? 

Of course! To make sure that your clothes smell so nice right after your laundry process, do follow the following steps:

  • You should do proper sorting. 

You shouldn’t just use one laundry bag. The best way to cut down odors is by putting your dirty laundry in a breathable bag or hamper as soon as possible. Preventing the bacteria build-up.

  • Turn your clothes inside-out.

It is best to turn your garments inside-out, not just for a proper washing cycle but also for preventing the colors from fading. 

  • Do not overload your washing machine.

When you overload your washer, the detergent itself will not be enough and also the washer might not be able to carry the loads for proper circulation.

  • Just do it again.

If ever your clothes still smell bad (for no known cause), then wash your clothes the second time around and let them be air-dried.

Now how to keep them like new?

Wash in cold water

Hot water wears out the fabric’s quality more quickly. When there are not heavy soiled loads, you might want to use cold water for your laundry. Feel free to still use cold water even if the care label says otherwise, your clothes will be just as clean and the threads will stay strong. Find detergents that are formulated to work well on cold washes. 

Don’t use chlorine bleach!

When you thought that chlorine will help you on stains and odors, it has side effects on us. Our skin itself cannot handle it easily. Maybe you try vinegar as it is a natural brightener and doesn’t wear out the fibers. Plus it is better for the environment. 

Keep a good & regular washing schedule

Garment manufacturers are against cleaning the clothes too much, especially without professional help. That is because it could harm the fabrics and deteriorate the quality, especially the color. However, finding a good partner to schedule your laundry cleaning is a big advantage as it will help you redefine your laundry day for the betterment. 

Stain Removal before sorting

There are stains that are clear substances like body oils, perspiration, white juices, and any other substances that would require keen attention to find. You would want to pre-treat them before sorting in laundry bags to avoid permanent damage. 

Hang securely

We know you’ve been to some incidents when you hang your newly washed clothes and they just fell off to the muddy ground. Then you have no choice but to wash them again (which in return would cause color fading). It is necessary to securely hang them.


BUT THE REAL QUESTION: Do you really need to personally take care of your LONG Laundry Process? When is the best time to do the laundry? What are the options you have?

We wear clothes everyday and at the end of the day the pile of dirty clothes just keep on piling up,

Laundry services do not just keep you away from washing your clothes, but it is your ultimate solution to save money. With this service, it saves your time to do other things as well. You’ll also no longer have to spend on the cleaning products (and be prone to them knowing they are poisonous to humans). Think of the washing machines and their maintenance from the start!

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