Did you know that denim fabric is a type of cotton? Just that it is a strong one made using a twill weave, which creates a subtle diagonal ribbing pattern. This was first produced as serge de Nîmes in France in the seventeenth century. 

The cotton twill fabric is warp-facing, meaning that the weft threads go under two or more warp threads. It may sound like jargon, but it’s good info.

So in short, what type of fabric is denim? It is cotton twill fabric.

It is durable, rugged cotton twill fabric that is most commonly used for jackets, bags and men’s jeans.


Just like any other fabrics, it is a must to read the labels. If you want to know more about how to read them, visit our post and be guided:


You would think that you need to go rough in washing the fabric because of its texture, be careful. You better wash the denim fabrics on the gentle cycle. This just reduces the chances of tearing and allowing the design to stay intact. 

It is best to use mild detergent, not using bleach or detergents with bleach, and add mild fabric softener to make it a bit softer.


It is not ideal to use lukewarm water, but if there is no available cold water, then go for it. But never ever wash the denim fabrics in hot water. The reason for it is it can cause the color to degrade, especially the darker ones. It also makes the fabric shrink.


This is actually advisable to all fabrics. This is how you protect the color. The washing cycle can be abrasive to fabrics, especially to denims. However, as long as they are inside out, it should not be that damaging to the color and the fabric itself.


It is best to line dry the denim fabrics. Don’t tumble them on your dryer. WHY? It is to prevent shrinkage and the loss of color.

If you ever want to speed up the drying process without using the dryer, then you can use towels squeezing one in a sandwich style. If you still want to use a dryer, then just use the delicate cycle with low heat. Take them out while still damp and let them be finished drying on a rack or a line. 

Also before you place them on the line, gently stretch the fabric to help avoid shrinkage as they completely dry.


Most experts recommend washing them every 4-6 wears. However, there is a pandemic going on, so either wash them immediately or disinfect them with spray. 


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