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CleanBlink can’t stop fangirling, and obviously, neither can anyone else! Blue was a trending color tonight, especially among the men at the awards, chief of which had to be Barry Keoghan.

If only the inevitable sweat, stains, and stress of wear and tear that bother the minds of the artists (at least the ones in New York) attending tonight could be addressed by a professional laundry cleaning & delivery service, like CleanBlink. Oh, wait… that‘s actually totally an option.

Barry Keoghan arrives to the GOlden Globes 2023 in a blue suit, which CleanBlink suggests be cleaned thoroughly in their helpful article guide.
CleanBlink would totally keep this blue suit from being blah! How so? Read on. Credit: Kodexi Enterprises

Brush it down with a CleanBlink brush.

Even if Barry hadn’t worn the suit to the Golden Globes, and had just sat in an office or something, his baby blue suit collects dirt and dust. This Wednesday night, California weather was reported to be around 54 degrees and humid. There is a chance and very low winds. Translation: It’s a stale night, and those celebrities are more or less trying to hustle toward the air conditioner. After initial inspections by a CleanBlink specialist for weathering, we’d break out a suit brush.

Otherwise, that grime and dust and dirt would settle into the fibers of Barry’s suit! And what makes a good suit brush? A soft-bristled brush made with natural animal hair runs along the suit in the same way you shave. Just like we would for anyone, Barry’s brush-down would start at the shoulders and work its way down before we did a second and third quick once-over with a lint roller. CleanBlink and synthetics? We could never.

CleanBlink’s Spot Cleaning.

Let’s say Barry got some sauce on his suit. Or some wine, or a shot of whiskey, or whatever else they’re serving on those gourmet tables. Between that and the after-party, we’ve got professionals ready to treat your suit with fragrance-free stuff- for the sake of your skin and your suit.

Dry Cleaning a Suit with CleanBlink.

It’s true, there is only so much dry cleaning a suit can take before it falls apart. For Barry’s suit, assuming it was necessary, the key to maintaining its longevity would be to say no to starch and dry clean as closely as possible with organic materials. Good thing CleanBlink has plenty of those to choose from!

CleanBlink’s Dry Suit Process.

Air-drying it horizontally would keep its shape, and at CleanBlink, we wouldn’t think to do otherwise. Laying it down flat, CleanBlink would be able to use a pressing machine and a heavy iron to bring it back to its original glory- in fact, we argue we’d have Barry wondering if he had ever worn the suit at all. Hanging it upon being fully dry on a wooden hanger, to absorb whatever excess moisture would be left in the suit would also be great.

The Best Part…

At CleanBlink, no matter who you are, we’re happy to offer affordability. Imagine the likes of first-time customer Barry Keoghan claiming his discount (key code: HAMPER) using his app, and then setting his preferences to have a suit delivered the next day! Just in time for his next big project, we suppose. And if it’s not Barry Keoghan, it could be you! You’re a superstar in our eyes anyway.

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