Christmas Day Outfit ideas

Looking forward for your party?  Well you cannot have the same outfit from last year! You need to upgrade.

This season is one of the talk in the town. Whether you are getting ready for a nice family dinner, for travel vacation, or for friends’ party, then you need to think what type of clothes you should be wearing that is fit for each peer.

If you find yourself asking and imagining what to wear during the event, you have to look no further. We will be helping you what to wear from head to foot!

Upgrade and be updated with the newest fashion style for this years’ most favorite event (Christmas).

Dinner with the family?

Color matters! Thus, for the event choose blissful colors. Family gathering are expected to be kind of formal – where you need to greet and do uncontrollable handshakes. Memories will flood before you and fill your ears by the uncle and aunties non-stop chatter.

Your childhood memories will be mentioned and sweet laughter will fill the room.

So you go ahead with a casual attire. Be comfortable, there are no concrete rules for a family gathering except for showing up formally. For women, wear jeans – if you choose between skinny to baggy, the former would be more pleasant for this meeting. It would be nice as well if you partnered it with casual boots or chic flats and fitted short-sleeved or off-shoulder top. If you prefer one clothing, you can also wear casual loose-fitting dresses, long or short, with low heels. Why low heels? So you would look more approachable. High heels intimidates and we don’t want that for this family gathering.

These tips above will help you become more approachable looking and can get along with long distance family members more comfortably. Also make sure you show good vibes by choosing the right colors, such as pastels, especially the blue one.

For the Fabrics, it is recommended the ones that are soft. It adds up neat and tidy appearance too.

Party with Friends?

When partying with friends, it’s always inevitable to compete. Which dress is more glam, who wears their outfit best and much more! But beyond the competition, you can also expect love and support from each of them. Compliments will not be forgotten of course.
Thus, it would be the right time to truly help yourself standout and be one of the showstopper.
Not because you want all their attention, but you want to show you take care of yourself very well.

Go try crop top and skirt. Best colors are dark tones and semi-light for good contrast.  Hair down or in bun. For make-up, this generation is asking for lighter tones with orange hints. Don’t apply too much foundation or mascara. You know that heat will rise up as the time goes on, so just keep everything on your face light to zero. Be natural and wear your rosy tone or orange tone matte lipstick.

For someone that is kind of conservative, you must try wearing pastel tones. Denim jackets will surely compliment on every fabric and color, thus, partner them with your tube fabric dress.

Hair must either be in bun or fall down. Straight them so you look soft and easy to talk to. Lip gloss is perfect for this style and then just little tint and tan to perfect your glamourous pretty aura.

Before I forgot, be sure to partner this with Rubber Soles Casual Flat shoes. White attracts the best.

Now, those attire combinations mentioned above are not the only ones we got for you! Here we have collected the most used combination that will surely be able to wear on any peer group or kind of party you have. Not just for family dinner or friends party, these below are for anything. Generally collected to be worn for every type of celebration.

We’ve mentioned pastel colors for today’s trend outfits.

Blazer Jacket should be worn like this, partnered with neatly printed slim dress. 

Blue is perfect when combined with burn yellow. So you may want to add such type of bag or watch.

Try high heels to add that sophisticated look.

Sweaters are in for the winter season of course. Partner it with a denim skirt, long or short is perfect.

Hair braided or fall down. Lips tinted slightly with lip-gloss. Matte lipstick is awesome as well. Keep it pink.

Denim top with jeans are perfect match for some long beer talk.

Also, pleated long skirt is best to partner with crop tops.

Now that we have listed the outfits that are click for this winter season. Be sure to check out our next blog about Christmas gift wrapping! What to give and how to surprise your loved ones!

Keep smiling!

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