Benefits of Professional Laundry

Benefits of Professional Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service

Nowadays, people are bombarded with never ending To-do list. Top of that list is the most laborious task, “laundry”.  You have no choice but to wash and iron all your dirty clothes for the next day or so. What’s worse is that it’s eating up most of your time and energy if you do it on your own.

Take the chore of laundry off your to do list and give yourself the gift of extra time and peace of mind. Laundry and dry cleaning specialists can help you get rid of the burden of washing and ironing clothes. Have them picked up and delivered right at your door! Below are the benefits you will reap by outsourcing your laundry and dry cleaning needs.

 Experts do the extra work

You can entrust your laundry to a team of experts ready to attend and care all of your laundry needs as if they were their own. Quality laundry services are carried out by professionals who will clean your clothes using various types of products which are customer, garment and eco-friendly and which will not damage the fabrics of your clothing items. They start by examining the material type, ornamentation, construction and design details of your garment. From there, they will hand-spot, hand-press and hand-finish your garments to preserve its ultimate look and longevity. Defects are identified and reported at the earliest. The best professional laundry will make a point of screening you their services and pointing out what equipment and machines are for what types of fabric. Caring the quality and integrity of your fabric is their prime focus! Furthermore, the professionals can clean all types of clothes. They have the capacity to handle large items (if you cannot handle those large items), this includes curtains, rugs, sofa covers and large size comforters. You name it!

Pick-up and Delivery Services

A professional team will come to your house and pick up the laundry for you with their convenient pick-up and delivery service, so basically you don’t even have to move an inch from your house! This happens weekly or by request. They deliver fast results while caring for your clothes. They ensure the fact that, their customers get a timely delivery of their heavy clothing like bed sheets, linen covers and carpets. So put your laundry out on a designated pick-up day and receive clean and neatly folded the next day. You can straightaway put them into your wardrobe!

Save money in the long run

 It’s not egregiously expensive. In fact, you will be surprised by just how cheap it will end up being. The cost of doing the laundry by your own compared to have some expert do it for you should be considered. Expensive washer and dryer, unstable energy costs or utility, rising detergent costs and labor issues are all areas that directly affect the cost effectiveness of doing your own laundry. In almost every situation you end up financially ahead by choosing a laundry service.

What’s more remarkable is it will help you succeed in whatever profession you are into, since you have more time concentrating yourself with important things.

Time savings

 The great thing nowadays is that there are ton of companies who are working towards making time-consuming laundry chores easier. This completely removes the time and hassle associated with doing your own laundry.  Some spend about an hour a week just ironing their clothes. You are going to love the convenience and ease of having specialists attend your laundry while you use the extra time to your advantage. Bottom line: The real value in this situation comes from the time saved!

Customer-friendly. Garment-friendly.


CleanBlink is Brooklyn’s premier Laundry & Dry Cleaning pickup and delivery service. From the shirt on your back to the carpet under your feet, we’ll clean all types of clothing, as well as linens, bedding, area rugs and more. Our experienced Laundry & Dry-Cleaning specialists will care for your clothes as if they were their own.

Dry Cleaning with Care

As for being garment-friendly, CleanBlink specializes in care for designer pieces and custom-made clothing. We start by examining the material type, ornamentation, construction and designed detail of your garment. From there, we’ll hand-spot, hand-press and hand-finish your garments to preserve its ultimate look and longevity. Might we add bridal, evening wear, vintage clothing, alterations, restorations, and preservation to our long list of fortes.

Convenient, Customizable, 24 Hour Turnaround.

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Put your laundry out on the designated pick up day (don’t worry, we’ll remind you) and receive clean and neatly folded laundry the very next day.